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1   Link   English
This is a web with lots of resources where you can practice your English. Try and have fun!!!
2   Link   English website
Interesting website where you can have fun while learning
3   Link   English practice
Another website to improve your English. Have fun!
4   Link   English Bridges
Here you have some extra practice related to your coursebook
5   Link   English website "ego4u"
Here you have more exercises including TESTS
6   Link   English For You 3
Here you have some exercises related to your coursebook
7   Link   English for You 4
Here you have some exercises related to your coursebook
8   Link   Pronunciación de la "-ed" de pasado o participio
This is a wonderful site to practise pronunciation of final "-ed" in verbs. Prepare the headphones, you will listen to a lot of different verbs.
9   Link   Tongue Twisters (Trabalenguas)
This is really fun!! Try these tongue twisters on your own, then tell a friend or your teacher. They will be amazed!!
10   Link   Irregular Verb List
This is a great help to practise and revise the tedious IRREGULAR VERBS.
11   Link   Listening Skill Practice
You know listening to people and understand them is sometimes very difficult. Here you find a load of listening exercises to improve your listening skill.
12   Link   More Irregular Verbs
Here you have another possibility to improve your knowledge on verbs. Now you can't say you don't know them, ok? You have a lot of possibilities to learn them. I hope you find it useful.